Milk Sea Glass


The photograph above shows milk sea glass as it is when washed up on the beach.

Sea glass is found on beaches all around the world, but the milk sea glass used in my jewellery is from Seaham, on the North East Coast.

Seaham was once home to a Victorian glass factory owned by John Candlish. The factory produced an array of bottles of every colour, shape and size, from decorative glass items to milk and beer bottles. 


Colours of Milk Glass

Besides opaque white, milk sea glass also comes in other colours such as lime green (jadeite), creamy yellow (custard glass), denim blue and soft blue. Rarer colours are the soft peach, grey, red and deep wine colour. 

Yellow custard glass was popular in the United States between the 1890’s up to 1910. It was also produced many years before in Europe, China and Egypt.


Opal Gems Milk Sea Glass Jewellery

The end design of a piece is often dependant on its original shape.  Some pieces have such a lovely organic shape that the sea has naturally created, that I purely polish and set the glass into my chosen design.

In other collections the milk sea glass is cut to a specific shape and polished.

I'm currently working on several collections within the Milk Sea Glass range, some you can see in the gallery below.